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March 25th

National Women in Wine Day

An expression of gratitude to the women shaping the wine industry. 

National Women in Wine Day is a social initiative founded in 2021 by Renae Perry and Yolanda Papapietro, co-owners and co-founders of Papapietro Perry Winery in California. The celebration takes place annually on March 25th to highlight stories of women in the wine industry. The mission of #WomeninWineDay, is to support women in wine, while also providing a sense of empowerment and resources for those seeking to enter the business. Inspired by International Women’s History Month which takes place in March of each year, Papapietro Perry Winery along with other participating wineries, share a common goal of establishing a scholarship fund that benefits women within, or pursuing, education or career advancement in the wine industry. In the interim, please consider visiting our donations and scholarships page to support a worthy organization that empowers women in wine or to apply for eligible scholarships in Wine Education.

Click on the image of each exceptional woman in wine below to reveal their bio. Scroll down to nominate.

Theresa Heredia - Winemaker at Gary Farrell Winery
Tammy Boatright and Lindsay Kana
Ashley Herzberg, Winemaker & Vicky Farrow, Proprietor / CEO Amista Vineyards
Renae Perry - Owner/CEO of Papapietro Perry Winery
Marimar Torres - Founder/ Vintner Marimar Estate Vineyards & Winery
Dorothy Gaiter - Senior Editor of Grape Collective
Yolanda Papapietro - Owner/Distributor Relations for Papapietro Perry Winery
Alison Frichtl - Senior Winemaker, HALL, WALT & BACA Wines
Ia Imerlishvili - Founder Family winery - Wine Producer
Simi Grewal Co-Founder, Events & Financial Director of DECANTsf
Taylor Simpson - Co-Owner of Simpson Family Estates (Good Harbor Vineyards, Aurora Cellars and Harbo
Rachel Sandoval - Marketing Manager at OMvino
Cara Patricia - Co-Founder of DECANTsf
Alice Delineau - Director of Communications and Culture at OMvino
McKenzie Alder - Marketing & PR Coordinator at OMVino
Sabrina Massola - Winemaker for Folio Fine Wines Partners
Lin LHeureux - Owner, Winemaker, Copper Beech Winery, Hooksett NH
Victoria Coleman - Winemaker, Lobo Wines
Kelsey Phelps - Owner/Operator of SEPPI™ Craft Sparkling Wines
Jamie McManis - Vice President of McManis Family Vineyards
Mary Babbitt and Mary Orlin - Sip Sip Hooray Podcast
Alexandria Sarovich - Executive Wine Director
Lashonda Modest - Owner of Melanated Wine
Lisa Covey – Director of Public Relations for HALL Family Wines
Moret Brealynn – Owner / Winemaker of Morét-Brealynn Wines
Michele Lewis - Director of Hospitality, WALT Sonoma & WALT Napa
Mary McDermott – Winemaker for Township 7 Vineyards & Winery
Emily Harrison - Vice President, Marketing & Direct Sales for HALL & WALT
Cathy Corison - Founding Partner, Winemaker and Vineyard Manager for Corison Winery
Myriah Mutrux - Director of Hospitality, HALL St. Helena
Jamie Knee - Wine Educator, Writer & Judge
Jessica Link - Owner of Linked Vineyards
Devin Parr - Founder & Managing Partner, Devin Parr & Associates
Stephanie Honig - International Sales and PR for Honig Vineyards
Karen MacNeil - President of Karen MacNeil & Company; The Wine Bible
Allison Levine - Owner of Please the Palate
Virginie Boone - Contributing Editor for Wine Enthusiast Media
Emma Swain - CEO of St. Supery Estate
Csilla Kato - Winemaker, Instructor at Napa Valley Wine Academy, DipWSET, A.I.W.S
Caterina Sacchet - Lead Winemaker at Carpineto
Tara Herrick - Chief Marketing Officer at marketing and communications company OMvino
Elizabeth Bourcier - Resident Vigneronne at Bionic Wines
Megan Hughes - Second-generation female winemaker at Barnard Griffin Winery
Lulu Handley - Second-generation female proprietor of Handley Cellars,
Roxie Ward - Winemaker at Miller Family Wines
Recha Bergstrom - CEO & Partner of Sandar & Hem Wines
Lindsay Partington - Owner/Director of Sip & Anchor
Samantha Compono Harrigan – Chief Marketing Officer, Acker Wines
Brenna Quigley - Geologist & Terroir Specialist
Tiffany Britton - CEO & Winemaker at Brainstorm Cellars, President of The Alliance of Women in Washi
Kim Engelhardt - Owner/Winemaker, Lion Ranch Vineyards & Winery
Emma Kudritzki Hall - Winemaker, Mauritson Wines
Monika Bielka-Vescovi – Napa Valley Wine Academy Director of Education Center, & Instructor, DipWSET
Maryline Gianna - Winemaker & Developer
Erica Nonni
Daisy Penzo - Proprietor, Tuscany Wines Import
Jennifer DiDomizio - Director of Marketing & Communications, Acker Wines
Mira Vojinovic - Social Media Director / Wine Consultant & Sommelier, Acker Wines
Sadie Drury - General Manager, Seven Hills Vineyard
Heidi Von Der Mehden - Winemaker, Merry Edwards Winery
Nicole Carter - President, Roederer Collection USA (Merry Edwards Winery, Diamond Creek, Roederer Es
Katixa Mercier - Western Regional Manager at Boutique Wine Collection
Theodora Lee - Owner/Vintner at Theopolis Vineyards
Pooja Challa - Vintner
Hilary Berkey - Director of Consumer Sales & Marketing/Inspirer of Joy at Emeritus Vineyards
Megan Gunderson - Winemaker at WALT
Kori Violini - Vitner at KORI Wines
SUSAN REINER-LYON - Wine Judge & Director TeamWine/TeamJudge Consultancy
Kyle Anne Pallischeck - Executive Director of the Finger Lakes Wine Alliance
AmyLaBelle - Owner & Winemaker at LaBelle Winery
Kari Hazen - Owner, Rancho Roble Vineyards
Daisy Hernández - Vineyard Manager/ Owner, Grape Land Vineyard Management
Denise Thornberry - President and Founder, Tasting House
Stephanie Franklin - CEO, Fly Wines
Linda Mayberry Chavez - Co-Founder and CEO, Chavez Family Cellars
Jamie Knee -Wine Educator, Writer & Int’l. Judge
Janet Kampen - Head of Instructional Design at Napa Valley Wine Academy
Julie Pedroncelli St. John - Board Chair, Vice President Marketing and 3rd Generation Family Owner
Katie Barnett - Director of Indiana Wine // Purdue Wine Grape Team Marketing Extension Specialist
Stephanie Miskew - Job Title/Business: Certified Sommelier, Wine Educator, Author of The Glamorous G
Cindy Rynning - United States Wine Writer
Elizabeth Smith - Copywriter at Naked Wines USA
Katie Ballou Calhoun - President, Calhoun & Company Communications, LLC
Kerith Overstreet - winemaker / proprietor of Bruliam Wines
Martha Stoumen - Owner/Winemaker of Martha Stoumen Wines
Alice Anderson - Winemaker at âmevive wine
Jess Helfand - Educator at Napa Valley Wine Academy
Rebecca Murphy - Owner / Vintage Productions
Florence Tessier - B&G Winemaker – Bordeaux, South - West France and Languedoc
Christina Lopez - Winemaker
Montse Reece - Pedroncelli Winemaker
Ondine Chattan - Head Winemaker SHARE A SPLASH wine co. portfolio
Dr. Laura & Dr. Adrianna Catena - Managing Director, Catena Zapata
Mary Orlin - Wine Journalist, Certified Sommelier and Sip Sip Hooray! Podcast Co-host
Nova Cadamatre - Trestle Thirty One
Brooke Hester - Co-Founder at C.L. Butaud Wines
Jana Harvey - President / Creative Wine Concepts Inc, dba Scott Harvey Wines
Tanya McManis Heuvel - Sales/Marketing, McManis Family Vineyards
Ivonne Zhu - Owner , Appellations Cellar
Adrienne Rule - Winemaker, Rideau Vineyards
Jules Dixon - Winemaker, 1764 Vineyards
Stephanie Pope - Winemaker at Hess Persson Estates
Brooke Ide - Owner & Winemaker | Vino Stache Winery
Michelle Minta - Owner of Rhumb Line Vineyards & Lavender Farms
Melani Harding - Wine Maker / Owner of Bonniche
Raemy Paterson - Associate Winemaker | Martin Ray Vineyards & Winery
Gayle Glomski - Vin de Filles Founder
Leslie Renaud - Principle Winemaker | Martin Ray Vineyards & Winery
Lori Budd - Owner of Exploring the Wine Glass
Lynn Penner-Ash - Founding Winemaker of Penner-Ash Wine Cellars
Eugenia Keegan -  Vice President, Winery Ops & Business Development of Jackson Family Wines
Sarah Wuethrich - Winemaker at Maggy Hawk
Deborah Brenner - Founder & CEO of Women of the Vine & Spirits
Luisa Ponzi - Winemaker / Owner of Ponzi Vineyards
Maria Ponzi - President / Director of Sales & Marketing of Ponzi Vineyards
Wynne Peterson-Nedry - Winemaker at Ribbon Ridge Winery
Katherine Jarvis - President, Jarvis Communications
Kathy Joseph - Owner and Winemaker, Fiddlehead Cellars
Lisa Packer - Owner/Winemaker, Warr-King Wines
Kathleen Inman - Owner and Winemaker, Inman Family Wines
Marisa Sergi - Chief Commercial Officer, L'uva Bella Winery
Janie Brooks - Managing Director, Brooks Wine
Katie Santora - Winemaker, Chehalem Winery
Kristin Belair - Winemaker, Honig Vineyard & Winery
Ashley Egelhoff - Assistant Winemaker, Honig Vineyard & Winery
Courtney Wagoner - Winemaker, Martinelli Winery & Vineyards
Pam Starr - Founding Winemaker/Owner, Crocker & Starr
Nancy J. Sabatini, Wine Director Mainstreet Wines & Spirits
Regina Weinstein - Director of Marketing/Retail, Honig Wineryard & Winery
Barbara Banke - Proprietor and Chairman, Jackson Family Wines
Harvest Duhig - Grower~Maker~Proprietress of Duhig Wines
Marisa China - Owner, PortoVino
Michele Padberg - Co-Owner, Co-Business Management Team and Advanced Sommelier for Vivac Winery
Nicole Kearney - Vintner/Founder of Sip & Share Wines
Colette Simpson - Director of DTC at Three Sticks Wines
Shelly Golly -  Controller of Price Family Vineyards & Estates
Brenda Lynch - Owner/Winemaker of Mutt Lynch Winery
Kristie Tacey - Owner, Winemaker of Tessier Winery
Nicole Walsh - Owner and Winemaker of Ser Winery
Kristy Melton - Winemaker, Freemark Abbey
Jennifer Wall - Winemaker at Barefoot Wines
Beth Lemke - Owner, A Grape In The Fog
Prema Behan - Co-Founder / General Manager at Three Sticks Wines
Lacey Lybecker - Owner, Cairdeas Winery
Carrie Wynkoop - Owner, Cellar 503
Kristina Shideler - Winemaker, Arrowood Vineyards
Katie Bunddschu - VP, Sales and Marketing, Gundlach Bundschu Winery
Marcia Torres Forno - Winemaker, Matanzas Creek Winery
Anne Sery - Winemaker, Hyland Estates
Christy Serrato - CEO & Founder, Pair Anything, Inc
Diane Carter - Owner/Founder, Uncorked
Ondine Chattan - Head Winemaker, SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
Michelle Alger, co-owner of Fable Farms
Susan Hayes -  V.P of Sales & Partner, Pacific Northwest MO Cellar Selections
Mari Jones - Partner & President, Emeritus Vineyards
Sarah Hanson Citron - Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing, Bricoleur Vineyard
Melissa Burr - Vice President of Winemaking, Stroller Wine Group
Kate Payne Brown - Reserve Winemaker, Stoller Family Estate

Cheers to the many women paving the way for future generations in the wine industry!

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Renae Perry & Yolanda Papapietro
Founders of #WomeninWineDay

“We are so proud of all the women who are pioneers in the wine industry, a business that has historically been male-driven. We are thrilled to highlight and share these amazing women’s stories.,” said Papapietro Perry CEO Renae Perry, “As part of Women's History Month, March 25 is a natural day to celebrate the many Women in Wine across the globe. By recognizing Women in Wine day we hope to inspire women to pursue their dreams in the wine industry, whether working as winemakers, CEOs, marketing directors, viticulturists, writers, influencers and more!”


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